Thursday, January 25, 2007

Because you asked so nicely!

I have had several requests for this pattern, so here it is! This pattern is the property of RoseToes Designs (me). This is for personal use only. Feel free to add a link from your page. I will be posting free patterns occasionally so check back!
The felted slippers were my holiday project this year. I pumped out countless pairs for all of my family members! I use two methods. The adult slippers had heal turns and gussetting, but these are beginner friendly. The slippers in the picture are my daughters (they are only ones that I still have in my possession!). They are easy as pie and quick! These are the style I made for all of the kids, but it can be adjusted to make adult slippers.
Asian Inpired Felted Slippers
pattern is for a child's size 1-2
*NOTE These can easily be adjusted for width by adding to CO, but be careful not to add too much! I did make a pair for my husband at 36 CO and he wears a size 14-15 shoe . If you do adjust the cast on, remember to adjust the band too
mc: (held single throughout)
Lambs Pride Bulky
Black onyx85%wool / 15%mohair
cc: (held two strands throughout)
Patons Classic Merino Wool
Leaf Green
100% wool
CO 30Rows 1: k to end
Row 2: p to end
Row 3: ssk, ss to last 2, k2tog
Row 4: p to endRows
5 & 6: rep
3&4Rows 7-16:
k to end
Row 17 & 19: m1, k to last st, m1, k1
Row 18 & 20: p to end
Continue in SS until the piece measures 2 in longer that the foot measurement then begin decrease rows
Decrease:Row 1: {k2, k2tog} to end
Row 2 & 4: p to end
Row 3: {k1, k2tog} to end
Row 5: k2tog to end
pull yarn through stitches and secure.I put a few stitches in the end to make sure that the hole is closed completly and then weave in my tail. Since these are felted, the stitches won't show and it makes a nice smooth rounded end.I then do a partial construction before I add the band.
Stitch up the back. Stitch up the top of the foot until you have an opening that is 1/2 the legnth - 1/2 in.
Band- using 4 dpns, pick up 30 stitches along top edge starting at the toe seam. m2 (basically, you are adding two extra stitches at the center of the seam)
rows 1&2: k
row 3: k 31, k2tog
k until band measures 1 1/4"- 1 1/2"bind off.
Seam beginning at toe side of the band until there is a 5" opening
Felt until "the slipper fits." Stuff with plastic grocery bags to get the desired shape and allow to dry completely (2-3 days).
Add needle felted accents with roving.
If you need felting instructions, let me know.
Have fun!
Wishing you warm tootsies,

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