Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Ellusive Bag Clasp

I found it! This is the bag clasp that was shown on the Brown Lunch Bag in Knitty

Happy knitting!


One down and one to go.

Fetching from in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino

My deals of the weekend

I had the coolest idea! I saw these cute purses on sale for $3.24 and thought hmm, I can cut this to pieces and use the clasp, chain handle, zipper, and scrap vinyl for my knitting projects!
I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner! Maybe I did, but I have too many thoughts to remember. Anyways, here are some of the goodies that I found!

Big ball purse frame with scrap vinyl (maybe I could use the vinyl for my felted clog soles!) The purse frame was easy to pry off using my handy flathead screwdriver. I guess you could call it recycling de shelly!

Stitch and Bitch Calendar at Borders $4.00! YES!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

DelaineeRose TwinkleToes

DelaineeRose is getting ready for her first dance recital. I am such a proud auntie!

Yet Another Pair of Felted Slippers!

I have finished yet another pair of felted slippers. This pair is one of those Oops I have run out of yarn, wow those are cute!, stories. I ran out of the tan Lambs Pride and ended up just doing the toes and edging out of black cherry Lambs Pride. With the needle felted accents, these are to die for! If only I had made them for me!!! Yes, it is better to give than recieve, right?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Purse Is Complete

I finished my sister's purse just in time for her visit. I hope she likes it. The brown purse if one that I made last Fall. I saw it in the closet and thought that it might like to have its picture taken.

Another Picture of Madyrose

She is as saucy as she looks!

Mady's Fluffy Sweater

My daughter had to have a fluffy sweater this year, so here is what I came up with. Big yarn, big needles, and lots of fluff. I tend to stay away from novelty yarns, but this one feels like you are wearing a blanket!

One down, one to go

One sock finished, one to go! Isn't it yummy!

Because you asked so nicely!

I have had several requests for this pattern, so here it is! This pattern is the property of RoseToes Designs (me). This is for personal use only. Feel free to add a link from your page. I will be posting free patterns occasionally so check back!
The felted slippers were my holiday project this year. I pumped out countless pairs for all of my family members! I use two methods. The adult slippers had heal turns and gussetting, but these are beginner friendly. The slippers in the picture are my daughters (they are only ones that I still have in my possession!). They are easy as pie and quick! These are the style I made for all of the kids, but it can be adjusted to make adult slippers.
Asian Inpired Felted Slippers
pattern is for a child's size 1-2
*NOTE These can easily be adjusted for width by adding to CO, but be careful not to add too much! I did make a pair for my husband at 36 CO and he wears a size 14-15 shoe . If you do adjust the cast on, remember to adjust the band too
mc: (held single throughout)
Lambs Pride Bulky
Black onyx85%wool / 15%mohair
cc: (held two strands throughout)
Patons Classic Merino Wool
Leaf Green
100% wool
CO 30Rows 1: k to end
Row 2: p to end
Row 3: ssk, ss to last 2, k2tog
Row 4: p to endRows
5 & 6: rep
3&4Rows 7-16:
k to end
Row 17 & 19: m1, k to last st, m1, k1
Row 18 & 20: p to end
Continue in SS until the piece measures 2 in longer that the foot measurement then begin decrease rows
Decrease:Row 1: {k2, k2tog} to end
Row 2 & 4: p to end
Row 3: {k1, k2tog} to end
Row 5: k2tog to end
pull yarn through stitches and secure.I put a few stitches in the end to make sure that the hole is closed completly and then weave in my tail. Since these are felted, the stitches won't show and it makes a nice smooth rounded end.I then do a partial construction before I add the band.
Stitch up the back. Stitch up the top of the foot until you have an opening that is 1/2 the legnth - 1/2 in.
Band- using 4 dpns, pick up 30 stitches along top edge starting at the toe seam. m2 (basically, you are adding two extra stitches at the center of the seam)
rows 1&2: k
row 3: k 31, k2tog
k until band measures 1 1/4"- 1 1/2"bind off.
Seam beginning at toe side of the band until there is a 5" opening
Felt until "the slipper fits." Stuff with plastic grocery bags to get the desired shape and allow to dry completely (2-3 days).
Add needle felted accents with roving.
If you need felting instructions, let me know.
Have fun!
Wishing you warm tootsies,

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wouldn't you love to have these glass stitch markers?

In celebration of my new blog, I am going to give one lucky knitter a gorgeous set of handmade stitch markers. They are made with sterling, glass, and crystals.

All you need to do is tell me why knitting has made a mark on your life! I will be accepting comments until February 11th and then I will post the winner. Have fun with it, be serious, or plead if you must. Please only one comment per person. You may comment to any of my posts to enter, just note contest in your subject line. Thanks for looking! I can't wait to see what everyone writes!

To Frog or Not to Frog, that is the question...

To frog...

Ok, the gauntlets have been frogged and are now on the way to being some gorgeous socks. I decided that my hands wouldn't be warm enough, so I am going to try the gauntlets in worsted weight wool instead. I change my mind constantly, so this should come as no surprise!

My niece and nephew are coming to visit me this weekend and I am so excited! I hate to brag, but they are the cutest little guys ever! Here is a picture I took of my neice last month. This was after a long day of shopping and playing at the beach! She is still gorgeous, it is so not fair!!

As promised, here are some of my recently finished projects!

Felted Cloche with satin/chiffon peony, Felted purse with camelia accent, Felted do-dad bag, and Asian inspired felted slippers. As you can tell, I have been on a felting kick. Primarily because I wanted to practice my needle felting accents. I think that I have it down now. Time to move on!

This is probably enough for now! Can't wait for the next post!

Friday, January 19, 2007

On the needles

It has been so cold, here in Cali, this winter! My hands are freezing in the morning when I take the kiddos to school, so I decided I needed mittens of some sort. So, I just started this cute little pair of gauntlets. I am making it up as I go along, so who knows what might happen. The yarn is a gorgeous self stripping 100%wool sock yarn, but the needles are so tiny! This one may take awhile. I am anxious to add the crochet work to the wrist area! I might do that before I finish the hand of the gauntlet.

I am also about half way through a basic shawl for my best friend's birthday. We were shopping in Carmel and saw this at a boutique. She loved it and it was so simple, I figured it would be a quick gift to make. It is simply a stocking knit stitch extra wide scarf with cable ribs on the ends, one button hole and some gorgeous buttons. The ones that we saw at the boutique were 100% cotton (and $100 YIKES!), but I decided to turn it up a notch and use a silk/rayon. The sheen is stunning! Her birthday is in two weeks, so I will post a finished picture soon!

I just got this out of the wash! My sister had started this bag a few years ago, but between having a toddler, a baby, and doing all that she does, it got forgotten. When I was at her house this weekend, I decided to finish it for her. She had done the pink and was planning on putting a ruffle around the top, but ran out of yarn. I improvised and came up with this. It is the same stitch pattern as the hat I just finished, so I didn't have to memorize a different chart. I am going to add some hand painted wooden handles, give it a little shave, and it will be ready to go!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My weekend project!

After seeing this adorable hat on knitty,, I decided that I should knit one up. We were visiting family for the weekend and had a three hour drive, so it was the perfect project! I finished it lickity split and it is so cute! With the arctic blast that hit Cali, it keeps my head nice and toasty.

Who is Shelly?

Well, here is the low down on me. I am a happily married mother of three. I have been a professional decorative artist for 10+ years. My expertise is in decorative plasters and mural art, but I do it all quite well.

I have been knitting and sewing since I was 6. I tend to be a free thinker when it comes to my needle projects. I sketch out designs and then put them together. I rarely use a pattern and if I do, I don't typically follow it to a T. I love playing with color and texture and am always a little sad when I finish a project. For me, it is as much about the creative process as it is about the final product.

I tend to be a fiber whore. If I like it, I buy it even if it means that I skip the Ben & Jerry's this week. I have enough yarn to supply an given store and am convinced that I will use it all some day. As you might have already guessed, I am a creative fiend. I always have multiple projects on the needles (knitting, sewing, and otherwise) and dozens dancing in my dreams.

As I complete projects, I will be posting the pictures. Until then, take a look at my website at

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Little Bit About Me!

I am the mother of three great kids. My two boys, Austin, 13, Connor, 11, and MadyRose, 8.
Austin is a great kids and hasn't become an obnoxious teen yet. He loves to skateboard and ski. He is quite the brain, but you would never consider him a geek.

Connor is a cutie. He is my adventure junkie and loves every challenge that comes his way! He too is very smart, but would prefer to bike in the woods!

MadyRose is our diva. She loves life and dreams of someday becoming Miss. Adventure! She has been dancing and acting since she was a pip squeek. Some day she will be famous, no doubt about it!
This is my gang! Next post will be my Prince Charming, my husband John.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let the blogging begin!

This is the first entry in my new blog! I am so excited!! Well, that is all the time for now. Boy was that easy...