Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is the latest pattern based project. I really love the way that it came out and so does Madyrose! The pattern in Simplicity 2577, with lots of modifications. Fabric is a royal blue satin. I used the basic pattern pieces, but adjusted them to fit her because she is soooo thin. I used a child's size 8 for this project. She wanted the dress shorter, so I adjusted for this as well. I also fully lined the dress to make it more comfortable for her. The end result was terrific!

Recomendations : I would recommend this pattern. I LOVE the pockets and it is pretty straightfoward. The directions are not the best, but if you have some garment construction knowledge, you can figure it out fairly easy. I would rate this pattern as an intermediate skill level. If you use cottons instead of satin, avoid the lining, and use premade trims or cording, I would say beginning intermediate skill level. Really check the measurements on this pattern. If your child wears a RTW 10, but her measurements put her in a 6, make the six and lengthen the bodice and skirt to get the appropriate legnths.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Poolside Shorty Shorts

I LOVE these shorts! My daughter has been begging for a new pair, so I thought that I would share with everyone! The pattern can be found HERE. Please note that in the European tradition, there are NO SEAM ALLOWANCES on the pattern. Simply add the seam allowance that you would like to the pattern piece. This pattern fits kids sizes 2T-12.

Beach Towel
1" Elastic (to fit waist measurement)
Matching Thread

1) First print out the pattern and cut the size that you need.
2) Add seam allowance. (If serging, add 1/4") You will only add this to the sides of the pattern, not the waist or hem.
3) Once you have your pattern pieces ready, you will place them on the towel. You can either cut as is, or deduct 1" from the hemline and use the binding on the towel at the hem.. (easy! No finishing needed!). Pin and cut out the pattern.
4) Stitch both sides at inner leg right sides together
5) Place right sides together and stitch at crotch
6) Finish top edge of waistband by serging, zigzaging, adding FOE, or bias tape. This will avoid the bulk of turning under.
7) Fold waistband over 1.5", pin and stitch, leaving a small section open at the back seam to insert elastic.
8) Measure waist, cut elastic at the same measurement -.5", insert elastic in casing using a safety pin. When you get it in, make sure that it is not turned and stitch ends together using a zigzag stitch. Go over this a few times. Pin the opening in the casing and stitch.
9) If you need to hem, you can do so now. Either serge the edge, or fold under. Then turn the hem up 1", pin, and stitch. I typically use two rows of stitching or a double needle stitch when hemming these, but that is not necessary.
10) OPTIONAL: You can add a shash bow to the front by cutting a piece of fabric 3"x32". Cutting this on the bias will help with excess fraying. Other options to finish sash are narrow hem, rolled hem, serged edge, three step zig-zap, or standard zig-zag. I like it best with a little fray on the edge! Find the mid-point of your sash, gather down the center and stitch to the center front seam of the waistband.
10) Hit the pool!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tea Cozy Tutorial

I really love this tea cozy! I was recently asked to host a table for a women's tea and decorating was the best part. I am a bit obsessive with things and want everything to be just right. So of course my teapot needed new duds!

So here goes the tutorial! She is very easy to put together, just follow the pics if you need some guidance. Please note that the pattern is for a standard round teapot. If your teapot is shaped different, I would first adjust the pattern pieces to fit your hot lady! You can legnthen, widen, and adjust the openings easily.

Materials: 1 fat quarter or (1/4 yd) fabric, 1/4 yd thin insulated batting (cotton batting will work too), 1 1/2 yd piping, 2 yds bias tape (handmade or store purchased), one large button, 1/4" elastic, and thread to match.
1) Start by printing out the tea cozy pattern. DOWNLOAD ME!
2) Once you have printed it out, cut out the pattern pieces and tape to one side of your teapot. This is the time to make any adjustments. Remember that there are 1/2" seam allowances, so you don't want it skin tight! If you need to add, just tape a piece of fabric to the back and add where needed until it fits. If it is too big, just take it in a little bit.
3) Once you have a working pattern, cut out all of your pieces. You should have two of each pattern piece for fabric, batting, lining *(optional) Transfer markings.
4) Start by sandwiching your fabric together. Fabric, batting, lining (do this for each piece. If you would like, you can baste them together around the edges.
5) Stitch front to front at bottom and back to back at the bottom.
6) Attach bias trim to rounded inner edges. On the front piece, continue up to the top edge. 7) Attach elastic from mark to mark on both front and back. Pull the elastic a bit as you are attaching. Use zigzag stitch to attach. The elastic won't be visible from the front.
8) Attach the front to back at the side seams. If you like, you can sandwich piping in the seams!
9) Stitch together back pieces at top edge. You will now have a completed handle opening.
10) Attach piping around entire top edge. You may need to trim down your seam allowances prior to doing this to avoid bulk. When you get to the end, open up the piping, pull the fabric back and trim the cord so that it is flush with the edge. Then fold the back into itself . Top stitch top edge.
11) Attach bias trim to bottom edge. Stitch elastic to inside just as before, using a zigzag stitch.
12) Put your cozy on your teapot. Fold one front piece over the other until it has a nice fit. Pin and mark where your button will go. On one side create a button hole to fit your button and on the other side attach the button.
13) Put her on your hot lady and you are ready for one heck of a tea party!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Topsy Turvey Dolls

I am going through a time of reminicing. Maybe it is because my kiddos are getting older, but all I know is that I have spent a lot of time remembering the way things were when I was young. One memory of my childhood was my topsy-turvey doll. I played with it until it literally fell to pieces. It was little red riding hood, grandma, and the big bad wolf. Oh how I LOVED that doll. So, when I was chatting with Madyrose about the doll, she looked at me, puzzled. Then requested that I make her one so she could see for herself. I started with Alice and the Queen of Hearts, then Cinderella. I am not sure what doll will be next, but I LOVE making them.
My boys have an interesting teenage take. One thinks that it might influence little ones to look up people's skirts. I didn't think about that, but the other son's suggestion to make a doll giving birth is NOT going to happen. Oui Ve! Love my boys!!
The patterns are almost complete and will be on Etsy when all is said and done! Each pattern will be a different character combination, but with some minor tweeks, you could make it into anything that you like.

Getting Cozy!

I am getting ready for a ladies tea and thought "what would be better than a custom cozy?" I will be doing a tutorial for this soon, but couldn't wait to post the pictures. Is she cute or what???