Friday, January 19, 2007

On the needles

It has been so cold, here in Cali, this winter! My hands are freezing in the morning when I take the kiddos to school, so I decided I needed mittens of some sort. So, I just started this cute little pair of gauntlets. I am making it up as I go along, so who knows what might happen. The yarn is a gorgeous self stripping 100%wool sock yarn, but the needles are so tiny! This one may take awhile. I am anxious to add the crochet work to the wrist area! I might do that before I finish the hand of the gauntlet.

I am also about half way through a basic shawl for my best friend's birthday. We were shopping in Carmel and saw this at a boutique. She loved it and it was so simple, I figured it would be a quick gift to make. It is simply a stocking knit stitch extra wide scarf with cable ribs on the ends, one button hole and some gorgeous buttons. The ones that we saw at the boutique were 100% cotton (and $100 YIKES!), but I decided to turn it up a notch and use a silk/rayon. The sheen is stunning! Her birthday is in two weeks, so I will post a finished picture soon!

I just got this out of the wash! My sister had started this bag a few years ago, but between having a toddler, a baby, and doing all that she does, it got forgotten. When I was at her house this weekend, I decided to finish it for her. She had done the pink and was planning on putting a ruffle around the top, but ran out of yarn. I improvised and came up with this. It is the same stitch pattern as the hat I just finished, so I didn't have to memorize a different chart. I am going to add some hand painted wooden handles, give it a little shave, and it will be ready to go!

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