Tuesday, January 23, 2007

To Frog or Not to Frog, that is the question...

To frog...

Ok, the gauntlets have been frogged and are now on the way to being some gorgeous socks. I decided that my hands wouldn't be warm enough, so I am going to try the gauntlets in worsted weight wool instead. I change my mind constantly, so this should come as no surprise!

My niece and nephew are coming to visit me this weekend and I am so excited! I hate to brag, but they are the cutest little guys ever! Here is a picture I took of my neice last month. This was after a long day of shopping and playing at the beach! She is still gorgeous, it is so not fair!!

As promised, here are some of my recently finished projects!

Felted Cloche with satin/chiffon peony, Felted purse with camelia accent, Felted do-dad bag, and Asian inspired felted slippers. As you can tell, I have been on a felting kick. Primarily because I wanted to practice my needle felting accents. I think that I have it down now. Time to move on!

This is probably enough for now! Can't wait for the next post!


zekezac said...

I love the stitch markers that you are giving away in your contest. I would really love to know what pattern you used for your felted slippers. Good luck with you blog. I have been trying to blog as well but I have been having a hard time with it.

Knitcrazy said...

Love the photo of You Niece.. Too Cute !!!

Is the hat below her picture a childs felted hat?? Can you tell me where you got the pattern???
I am new to felting..I just did my first shoes.. They are in My Blog if you would like to see.


lcb143rtb said...

Love the varigated sock yarn in your gauntlet/socks - what is it? It's so nice to see a sock yarn that doesn't pool or knit into tiny spaced stripes. I, too, think your Asian inspired slippers are great. I'd like to see a more inclusive photo. Is the pattern yours? Would you be willing to share?

Shelly said...

The felted hat is a child's hat, but I have made them in adult sizes as well. This is my pattern, but I have seen a similar one in Felted Hats. It uses the same strange cast-on that I was taught for a top down hat. It is a little more complicated, but worth the effort. Every cloche that I have made gets raves!