Monday, February 26, 2007

Sweater Pin How To

Sweater Pin How To
Natural Colored Polymer Clay
Heavy Gauge Metal Wire
Adirondac Alcohol Inks (colors of your choice)
Adirondac Alcohol Blending Solution
Paper towels
Extra fine sandpaper
Satin Varnish (non yellowing)
For both pieces:
Form metal wire into desired shape and sandwich between two sheets of polymer clay that has been rolled out into about 1/8"thickness. *One will be round with a hole in the center and the other is just a stick!
Using an x-acto knife, cut edges into desired abstract shape. Press and mold until the pieces look organic.
Bake according to manufacturers instructions.
When it has cooled completely, sand until smooth and wipe clean with a damp cloth.
This is the tricky, but fun part! Using three different colors of alcohol inks, decorate the items. I start with the lightest color and layer until I like the way it looks. I use paper towels to rub color in, blot, and apply color. The blending medium gives you the look of small diffused circles. Use sparingly as it causes the ink to disperse in the area it is applied. If you want some defined lines, apply ink to an area, allow it to set and dry slightly and then burnish it off.
LAYER LAYER LAYER! The more you layer, the prettier it is.
Once you get the look you like, let it dry for a few hours and coat with 2 layers of satin varnish.

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