Friday, February 2, 2007

Eye Candy

I have been on a beading frenzie this week. I had the flu, so I spent two days in bed with my knitting and my bead box. The flu sucked, but finishing some projects made me feel a little bit better. As you might ascertain, I have the busy hands syndrome. I can't just sit in bed and watch the boob tube. Here are a few of the things that I made.

First is a sterling, crystal, and glass row counting bracelet. It is actually functional and cute. This one is a little BLING BLING, so I am going to make another out of pearls for a more demure look. You know it is bad when accesorize with knitting gadgets!
Next are more stitch markers. I made these to match my knitting bag! I love turquoise and black. These are slightly different than the others that I made. They are made using memory wire for the loop instead of splitrings. The benefit is that they can be placed and removed at anytime.

Here is a peak at the oilcloth knitting bag that I made a few weeks ago. Two great things about this bag.
1) It is oilcloth! DUH! I live at the beach and bring my knitting along while I watch the kiddos play in the surf. It doesn't get dirty and if it does, a handywipe is all I need!
2) Because sand and yarn don't mix, I put skein pockets on the outside that have grommet holes that lead to the inside. I never have to take my yarn out! I just pull my project out of the center of the bag, knit away and place it back when I am finished, or need to go chasing after a runaway skimboard. FYI this also prevents the yarn from getting tangled and keeps my colors separated nicely if I am doing fairisle. Well, I could go on and on, but that might be seen as boasting and I am not a boaster (right?- well, maybe a little!)
Last project I promise!

These are just some fun row counters! They are great for insetting sleeves or denoting decreases. They are light, easy to slip on and off, and a little sparkle never hurts! They make me feel like knitting a sweater...


Mair-Wear said...

That oilcloth knitting bag is amazing! Would you consider selling something like that?? Let me know...

-A fellow knitter from

Megan said...

I love your oilcloth bag! Do you have a pattern? It looks like it would be perfect.


Shelly said...

I made the pattern up myself. I have thought about selling them, but don't know where to start.

FYI: If you have never used oilcloth before, it can be tricky. It is similar to sewing vinyl and slips alot. It is not a beginners project, but one of my favorite bags ever!