Monday, February 5, 2007

Oopsy Daisy

My neighbor is ready to have a baby any day now and as it goes, she was ready two weeks ago! I have been putting off making anything for her because I hadn't decided what I would want to do. It is her first baby, a girl, and she is a cool, hip young mommy. After seeing her yesturday, her belly close to hitting the ground, I figured that I needed to get on it and give up on some extravagant design. I started flipping through my mags and found this pattern in the new Knit It. As I always do, I did change it up a bit. The original showed a daisy with six petals, but because I never use even numbers, I cut it down to five and resized the petals. I made them a bit larger and longer and stitched them on so that they appear slightly raised. SOOOO CUTE!!! These are the projects that made me wish I had another baby, but only for a very very brief moment! OTN now are matching booties. These are my own concoction so we will see how it goes. Who knows, if she makes it another week, maybe I can make a sweater too!

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