Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Year is Here!

So, I have to be one of the worst bloggers of all time! Seriously, if I post once a month, I am on a roll. My goal for this year is to update much more often and hopefully twice a week at least. It sounds like a possibility, right? Well, I will give it a shot!

Yesterday was the first day back from Christmas break. Two of my three kiddos thought that it would be a wonderful time to be "sick." What this really means is that they were to lazy to get ready for school and thought that it would be much more fun to torture mom all day and then send her to her portable rubber room with a bottle of wine and a screaming headache! Thanks to my wonderful husband, the torture was averted. We have this no fever, no barf, or no green, then get your butt to school rule. It works well for him, I haven't had the same luck. When Connor was in 1st grade, I sent him to school when he cried sick. There was no fever, barf, or green, that is until he got to school and puked all over his desk (a table that he shared with 3 other kids) and the floor too! We aren't talking about a little bit either. The class had to be evacuated for 24 hours, I had to replace school supplies for Connor and his table buddies and there was also the fact that when it happened I didn't have my cell phone on. This meant that to locate me, the school had to notify everyone on my emergency list. This included family, extended family, neighbors, and friends! Talk about torture! There is nothing worse than your mother finding out that you sent their grandchild to school only to have them vomit everywhere! Needless to say, my hubby is now in charge of the NFNBNG Law. He is pretty good at it too. Sometimes I wonder if he is a secret CIA interrogator. He can sense a faker from a mile away. And yes...they were both big fat fakers!

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